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1200W Metal Polishing Belt Disc Sander 6x10 Inch Disc Bench Sanding Adjustable t
  • 1200W Metal Polishing Belt Disc Sander 6x10 Inch Disc Bench Sanding Adjustable t

    6X10 Belt Sander

    * HIGH POWER: The 1.5 HP copper wire induction motor is more powerful and professional than most woodworking machine, providing a belt speed of 1836 feet per minute and a disc speed of 3450 rotations per minute.
    * WITH STURDY STAND: The steel stand keeps sanding surfaces elevated over the ground, and the stand is equipped with wheels and handles for easy movement, the heavy-duty body design provides enough weight to prevent walking and vibration during use.
    * CONVENIENT DESIGN: The tension quick release lever helps you switch and replace sandpaper grits as needed without wasting any time, with dust port allow a dust-free operation when connecting with a dust collector
    * MULTI-ANGLE SANDING: The sanding belt worktable can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees for horizontal and vertical sanding to meet your different projects, the spacious sanding disc worktable can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees to meet your different angle needs.
    * TWO-IN-ONE SANDING MACHINE: The two-in-one sanding machine includes both a 6 x 48-inch belt and a 10-inch disc sander, the angle adjustable spacious sanding disc worktable with aluminum miter gauge can be used on both sanding disc and belt.




    Rated Power: 1200W 1.5HP

    No-load Speed: 2980 rpm

    Sanding Disc: 250mm

    Sander Belt Size: 152 X 1220mm

    Application: Metal, Wood, Stone, Plastic sanding and polishing 

    Packing Size: 750*455*470mm

    Weight: 42kg

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