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Home Floor Sweeping Electrical Remote Control Usb Floor Vacuum Cleaner
  • Home Floor Sweeping Electrical Remote Control Usb Floor Vacuum Cleaner

    Hard Floor Mode: The hard floor mode, optimized for hard floor cleaning, ensures that GTTVO LIFE can follow an advanced, back-and-forth cleaning pattern for a more thorough and systematic clean. Since GTTVO LIFE memorizes cleaning paths, it can be paused in the middle of a task and resume to follow the path when re-started.

    OZMO Mopping Technology: GTTVO LIFE can simultaneously vacuum and mop to remove up to 99. 26% of bacteria on floors (study by Hygiene and Microbiology Research Center). The ECOVACS Home app enables you to adjust the water level of the mopping. Simply pop on or off the cleaning cloth plate to easily switch between vacuum and mopping functions. An electronically controlled water pump consistently draws water from a large reservoir to initiate mopping.

    Max+ Mode & UP TO 110 MINUTE RUNTIME: Max+ Mode can be used when you need an intense deep clean. It increases suction power by approximately 2.5 times compared to the standard mode for the most demanding tasks, even for heavy dirt on the floor. The standard mode suction power is suitable for daily cleaning.A longer battery life for even more cleaning!

    Pet Care kit: GTTVO LIFE comes with an innovative Pet Care Kit specially designed to handle pet hair, even during shedding season. The Pet Care Kit comes equipped with the largest* XL Dustbin (800mL) and a specialized Tangle-Free Brush to handle large volumes of hair. (*Compared to ECOVACS' robotic vacuum cleaners in the market till May, 2020.)

    Warranty Service: We provide one-year warranty for the whole machine.

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